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TAMBORINE AVIARIES IS A CLOSED AVIARY meaning we do not allow visitors into our aviaries. This is for security against theft and isolation of our flock to control disease and infection from other bird and animal keepers. We sometimes sell young birds if a species breeds in order to provide breeding birds to other breeders, or pet birds to the public where individuals appreciate the value of having a live bird as a companion pet.

CONSERVATION-BREEDING Many birds are the subject of conservation efforts in Australia and in their native countries, and that applies to some species that we hold. We aim to have several pairs of most species in order to have any expectation of them breeding. The purpose of aviculture is to assist to establish a captive population of diminishing avian species, since this is increasingly unlikely to be undertaken by governments using taxpayer's funds.

HABITAT DESTRUCTION There are no bird species in Australia that are endangered or threatened in the wild as a result of any trapping undertaken by individuals in the past. All threatened and endangered birds in Australia are in that situation as a result of government-sanctioned habitat destruction for agriculture, human infrastructure developement and various commercial enterprises which continue to this day. We are not opposed to those activities but we must recognise that this is a fact.

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